See Paris and die

The city of romance

Paris is the city that is filled with love. If you are making a proposal, just buy two tickets to this wonderful town, and your beloved one will answer “yes”. At least, Janny says she definitely would. Of course she’s too young to get married, but I totally support her idea. Paris has this special atmosphere attracting tourists from all over the world. This tremendous city is the center of attention for many creative people – musicians, writers, painters, architects, sculptors and many others. I recently stumbled upon a bright cityscape painted by Leonid Afremov. You may ask what’s so special about this artwork. I’ll try to explain it to you.

Just look at those colors!

Leonid Afremov is one of the best cityscape artists because he knows how to turn a range of buildings into a carnival of beauty. The painting ‘Paris of my dreams’ caught my eye for several reasons:

  • The symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, is in the center of this artwork. It seems to be made of gold, illuminated by millions of lamps. The author didn’t stop by depicting a large tower; he continued it in the reflection on the wet asphalt that made it even more glorious.
  • Bright spots in the sky resemble fireworks to me; they persistently say that Paris is the city of never-ending holiday.
  • There is nothing extra on this canvas – no cars or tall buildings that could distract attention and cause the loss of unity with the scenery.

This example of cityscape art will definitely please a real romantic!

How much is happiness?

There are a lot of people who say that happiness costs too much. But what is their definition of this notion? Perhaps, they think that only things that could be bought for money will make them happy. But I believe it’s not true because happiness is something that fills your heart without banknotes. When I look at Paris of Leonid Afremov’s dream, I understand he is a happy man. Because he travels a lot and can see treasures of the world with his own eyes, and this is one of the most important and exciting experiences! And I am very glad that I found this inspiring cityscape; modern art in his performance makes my heart sing and gives me the desire to see as much interesting as I can!

image (3)

To Mars and back?

Everyone knows that we live on a planet called Earth. But what is beyond its borders? Is there any limit to our Universe? These questions have interested all people inhabiting our planet for many centuries. There have been a lot of films trying to answer that question, scientific and fantastic, but they still don’t give us a proper answer. Now things seem to get clearer: it was decided to send the first expedition to Mars in the human history. The mysterious Martian surface has engendered a lot of myths that can be proven or demystified. NASA claims that all incredible things shown in the movies can be implemented in real life. For instance,  The Martian movie shows a life of a NASA astronaut who was stranded on the red planet, alone and almost without any chance to survive. He managed to cope with all the difficulties and though the action takes places in the 2030s, NASA is developing techniques that were shown in the film right now. You can read more about it here Those technologies will allow us to fly to different planets and, perhaps, find other intelligent beings that inhabit our universe. My daughter Janny dreams to travel as a tourist to Mars, it is the greatest challenge to every person. She believes that dreams come true, so, hopefully, journeys to other planets will soon become a daily routine that will be affordable to everyone!


Hello, all art lovers!

My name’s Jessica Winston and I am a beginning artist. I am not that young, but starting the business of one’s life is never too late. Many years I thought I am a happy web designer and nothing more before my daughter proved me wrong. Jocelyn, my younger princess, attends a school of arts. Helping her with home assignment, I understood that her tasks were quiet easy for me and that I can be a pretty good painter myself. I appreciate traditional painting techniques, so I try to make my artworks as real as possible. My dearest critic says I’m doing pretty well, but I want to become the best! Are you ready to follow me in my studying?