To Mars and back?

Everyone knows that we live on a planet called Earth. But what is beyond its borders? Is there any limit to our Universe? These questions have interested all people inhabiting our planet for many centuries. There have been a lot of films trying to answer that question, scientific and fantastic, but they still don’t give us a proper answer. Now things seem to get clearer: it was decided to send the first expedition to Mars in the human history. The mysterious Martian surface has engendered a lot of myths that can be proven or demystified. NASA claims that all incredible things shown in the movies can be implemented in real life. For instance,  The Martian movie shows a life of a NASA astronaut who was stranded on the red planet, alone and almost without any chance to survive. He managed to cope with all the difficulties and though the action takes places in the 2030s, NASA is developing techniques that were shown in the film right now. You can read more about it here Those technologies will allow us to fly to different planets and, perhaps, find other intelligent beings that inhabit our universe. My daughter Janny dreams to travel as a tourist to Mars, it is the greatest challenge to every person. She believes that dreams come true, so, hopefully, journeys to other planets will soon become a daily routine that will be affordable to everyone!


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